Business Growth Planning

The environment of today's business world has become extremely complex. Our position is aggressive - if your business isn't growing, it's dying. AA Shark is about growth, we're about progress, and we're about victory on behalf of our clients.

Private Capital Development

Here at AA Shark, we are continuously looking to create and develop investment opportunities to provide our network of clients with the working capital they need to meet the challenges of today's ever-changing business world head on.

Federal & State Tax Negotiation

Long before companies were bombarding radio networks with tax relief commercials, AA Shark was at the forefront of limiting its client's tax liability. Be it sales tax, excise tax - federal or state - it made no difference.


We take business problems serious, as in today’s market it takes more than a concept, hard work and a little luck to succeed. The game of business can be a win or lose scenario, depending on one key denominator, good advice.

We at AASHARK take all aspects of your business problems and analyze them to a fault. There is always a weak link to resolving a problem, or several problems. That is where we come in. Our consultants are hands on, guiding your firm to make decisive measures that get results fast.

Move fast and take measures to protect your personal assets, that’s what we have done for hundreds of small businesses. You cannot expand until you have righted the ship. AASHARK resolves problems, be those problems litigation issues, expansion capital or employment problems. Our analysis is always on spot, and every problem has a solution, even if it means harsh measures.

“The greatest method of negotiation is the process of misdirection.”